Scammer PPP: Haroldo Schilklaper
  • 11.09.2021

Using hijacked California address, Brazilian felon

From: Dr. Haroldo Schilklaper <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Sep 8, 2021 XXXXXX

Haroldo FRANCIA SCHILKLAPER --- passport

Dear Jonathan,
Sorry that Peter is mixing things up here after telling Him exactly what You wish to do with Your Cash Funds in China, He has introduced so much client to us here regarding Monetization and may be that was why He thought You was one of those Client seeking Monetization from our PPP Platform
I can help to place Your Cash Funds into our PPP Trading Platform after arriving to our Office  in Amsterdam Office for A face to face Table Top Meeting.
I am The Vice President of GCO Platform An Humanitarian Platform here in DC. Kindly  Check out our Website on this link here….(
I am trying to diversify Funds of our Trading Platform being The Vice President in order to invest Your Funds on our Humanitarian Project for our mutual benefit but due to The Financial Meltdown here in The United States and it means that I am doing this Privately through my Private Oil Company in Amsterdam in The Netherlands through My Office in Amsterdam for A smooth operation after Your arrival to our Office in Amsterdam for The Face to Face Table Top Meeting to conclude Your Cash Funds Investment  process.
The deal has to be A Private one as it is being called PPP and it can not to be discussed or disclosed with anyone due to the fact that it might cause a big problem for My Platform here in Washington DC if The FEDS gets to know We are trying to put Funds presently in Bank of China to Trade when China has just declared that USD will not be allowed to Trade with China again but Only The Chinese Yuan.
This is my secured Official Email for secured communication between us (  You  must keep this Transaction Top Secret and Private without telling anyone here in The United States or anywhere about this PPP Investment  and You should never try to contact anyone through our Official Website regarding this investment  because am doing this Privately with My Private Platform in Amsterdam in order to make Profit for our Platform Privately in order to assist our Humanitarian Project in Eastern Europe as explained here on our website link  here ….( due to the financial Meltdown here in The United States ever since The Covid -19 Pandemic broke out.
If You agree to all these I wrote above get back to Me and I will give You The details on proceedings and explaining to You here How I am going to help  place Your Cash Funds in Bank of China successfully after The  face to face meeting at our European Regional office in Amsterdam in The Netherlands through my Private Oil Company Platform in The Netherlands in order to make This Transaction look like if  My Office is trying to pay  You Your ROI (Return on Investment) back to You because of  The  Oil Transaction  my Tank Farm in The Netherlands  purchased from Your company outside of The Netherlands that has just been Supplied to my Rotterdam Tank Farm and this will make The Transaction look like our Platform  Office in Amsterdam is trying to pay You The 400% Profit in form of an Oil Transaction to enable You move Your Profit earned after investing Your Cash Funds in My Private Platform easily out of The Netherlands after Your successful TTM at my Office in Amsterdam without having any problem with The Central Bank of The Netherlands “(De Nederlandsche Bank)”.
I will send You our GCO Platform CIS with our Platform Registration Document here in DC for Your perusal and Due Diligence  if You decided to proceed.
N.B…… I will not be able to discuss anything with You here in The United States over the Phone due to the sensitivity of This Transaction in order to avoid any problem with The FEDS here in The United States but You can speak to my Amsterdam Office CPO (Chief Protocol Officer) Mr. Simon Hendricks whose Business Card is attached  to this message after The PPP Contract must have been signed before You  will fly from Your present location  to meet face to face with my Amsterdam Private PPP Platform Office People  in Amsterdam and also meeting with My Amsterdam Office Attorney Mr. Richard Meijer whose Business Card is also attached herein to this message for proceedings in Amsterdam,
It is my Amsterdam Office Lawyer Mr. Richard Meijer that will do all the Legal Documentation of Your Cash Funds Placement and also with The purchase of Your Local Amsterdam Company in order to be able to open for You A Non Resident Transit VIP ING Bank Account where The 400% Profit after The 40 Weeks Placement of Your Cash Funds will be paid for easier movement out of The Funds outside of The Netherlands through The Netherlands Central Bank.  Without setting up a Local Amsterdam Company there is No way You can open A Non Resident Transit VIP ING Bank Account in The Netherlands.
Best Regards.
Dr. Haroldo S.
Global Community Outreach
1313 N Milpitas Blvd., Suite 129    <<<<<<<=====FAKE ADDRESS
Milpitas, 95035  California
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9 July 2018 (about 3 years ago)
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California (US)
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  • 1313 N MILPITAS BLVD., SUITE 129
  • 95035
  • United States
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