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  • 13.06.2019

Bank Guarantee Warning Signs… BEWARE! Homeless people buying and monetizing Bank Guarantees is never going to happen! Despite this every day we get contacted for 20 people who are under the false illusion that they can buy a $500 Million BG with no money. They want the Funder to pay the Bank Guarantee Issuer so they can do a deal for FREE, taking no risk, investing none of their own money and having no liability.

Those types of deals do not exist in the real world if they did every homeless person in America would be doing them, heck we would be doing them! You simply will not get into the game if you do not have $350K USD, that is the hard cold facts.

In this business, you have to have money to make money! A starting position of $350K USD gives you authenticity, credibility and the ability to get a 150 Million USD Top 25 Bank Guarantee Issued and Monetized.

So make a conclusion gentlemen!

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