Credit Suisse banker removed from role for unauthorised messages to clients
Action taken as regulators target industry’s use of private applications to conduct business
Investors overcharged in securities lending deals, says EU watchdog
Wide divergences in fee splits between fund managers and clients criticised by Esma Big variations in the share of revenues from securities lending retained by asset managers raise questions over whether fund...
Wall Street braced for sharp Fed rate rise to fight soaring inflation
Expectations grow that US central bank will raise borrowing costs by 0.75 percentage points The Federal Reserve is on Tuesday set to begin discussing whether to increase the pace of its monetary...
Equity hedge funds suffer historic declines in first 5 months of 2022
Shifting market dynamics create ‘existential crisis’ for some stock strategies
Bitcoin tumbles after crypto lender Celsius blocks all redemptions
Binance exchange halts bitcoin redemptions for several hours as pressure mounts on market
Rate rise prospects raise concerns for debt-laden eurozone countries
Spread between German and Italian bond yields has raced higher this week
German police raid DWS and Deutsche Bank over greenwashing allegations
Asset manager accused of misleading investors about ESG factors in its financial products
EU is on the back foot in inflation fight
ECB is still printing money whereas the Fed and BoE have ceased cash creation
World Bank warns of debt crisis risk as outlook worsens
Washington-based institution slashes growth projections and cautions over 1980s-style defaults
Europe faces a miserable few months ahead
The costs of the ECB doing nothing would be considerable, but the action it takes must be carefully calibrated