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Bernard Group started its activity on 03/01/1991. Today it is an investment company with a leading position in the market. We had a great opportunity to become providers, investors and business partners of several startups, which subsequently managed to show significant profits. We provide them with active support and give recommendations on raising funds in the process of developing their business. Contact us and schedule a consultation if you want to know what exactly we can do to implement your idea.
Our services
Bank Instruments

Welcome to The Bernard Group!

Who we are?
We are one of the few Banking Instrument Providers at Top 25 banks. We are a big team of professionals. More than 10 years on the market. Tens of billions of euros were invested by The Bernard Group.

What else?

We produce all kinds of instruments
such as 1. Bürgschaft 2. Guarantee subject to URDG 758 3. Standby Letter of Credit as per ISP 98 4. Bürgschaft on first demand 5. Guarantee 6.Standby Letter of Credit as per UCP 600, Banker’s Draft and others, for any amount

We release instruments by our legal entities
We don’t need third-parties

We issue instruments using our own funds.
Moreover – all our instruments are “cash backed”

We supply instruments both via SWIFT and Euroclear

There is no doubt we are a worthy and reliable partner. So, leave your contacts for communication

Our services

What does it mean?
Monetization is the process of eliminating banking instruments by converting them into cash.

What we do?
The Bernard Group monetizes bank guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit or Irrevocable Documentary Letters of credit, banknotes, medium-term notes and some long-term notes from our clients.

Why do clients choose us?

Free start
You don’t pay upfront monetization fees. Our company monetizes your instruments by providing you with a non-recourse loan or a loan on very favorable terms.

The Bernard Group accepts banking instruments only through Swift, a messaging network that financial institutions use to securely transmit information and instructions through a standardized code system.

We offer profitable loan products or monetization of banking instruments. The monetary value for financing of bank instruments can be as high as 30%-85% of the nominal value of the financial instrument.

Let’s improve your business together!
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Our services

Are you a possessor of medium, large business? You know for effective development and competitiveness, business needs financing, crediting and sufficient investments and your project is:
-over 30 million euros
-in the EU, USA, UK and Switzerland
-with business plan (Feasibility study)
-the payback period of which is no more than 5 years

And you are, willing to ensure control of the company to the investor until the pay-back of the investment, have availability of a package of permits required for the implementation of the project in the country of business, have availability of international audit of the project, have availability of a package of permits required for the implementation of the project in the country of business, have availability of the applicant’s own assets for partial financial participation in the project, have a positive experience in this area of ​​business

Welcome you as a client and partner of Bernard Group AG! We are glad to invest in: Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Private Equity Portfolios, Technology and Telecommunication Infrastructure, Construction and Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense.
Also in other spheres of the economy, with well-predictable profitability. Let’s improve your business together! Leave your email and we will send you all information needed

Our services
Real Estate

Looking to buy real estate? You have a great opportunity to realize your intent with us.
Our company has already provided high-quality real estate service to hundreds local and international clients.

Who are our clients?
Major investors – They trust us their capital to receive financial returns
Property owners – We help them to make a profit from their real estate
Family offices – They serve ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investors
Wealthy individuals – Who are ready to invest their money

Why do clients choose us?
Attention – We carefully approach each transaction
Personalization – We develop a detailed unique plan that takes into account the individual conditions
Analytics – We discuss goals and long-term prospects of each client.
Support – We provide support at all stages, from the initial negotiations to the closing of the transaction
Efficiency – from planning the transaction structure for tax optimization to processing all the necessary documents.

Our team can help you with: purchase / sale of apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens; residential property for rent; buy / sell a townhouse (low-rise apartment building) in New York city; buy and rent homes in the Hamptons and other areas of long island, including SAG Harbor and Mantauk.

Our service include: legal analysis, consultation on all issues and on the procedure, verification of the counterparty, search for possible risks and ways to minimize them, preparation and development of all necessary documents, search for a notary, search for an appraiser (if it is necessary) , support of the transaction

Our services

Accompaniment (support) of investment projects and deals positively affects the speed of business idea implementation, optimization of time and financial costs for its launch. Bernard Group accompanies clients throughout the transaction. We are also ready to defend interests at courts, in cooperation with government services and contractors.

Our serveсes include legal analysis, consultation on all issues and on the procedure, verification of the counterparty, search for possible risks and ways to minimize them, preparation and development of all necessary documents.

We treat clients who aren’t experts in the field or not having access to banking information, cannot determine whether the transaction is fair or they have fallen into the trap of fraudsters. So, we check all documents, SWIFT messages, banking instruments and counterparties, conducting Due Diligence of the company and or transactions.
​If you want to know the cost of our services, leave your mail and we will send you all information needed

Our services
Due Diligence

Starting any deal or already in progress? Verification is the most responsible step. Who are your partners? What documents do you receive? What people are standing behind the scene? Is police already staring at you?

Why? -We should understand each other correctly. So, we offer you consultation. There are three cases:

Short consultation
30 min – 150€

Detailed consultation
60-90 min – 300€

Full support – contact for details.

Let’s improve your business together!

Without passion you have no energy, without energy you have nothing.
— Warren Buffett
About us

Established in 03.01.1991, Bernard Group is a Swiss-based and globally represented boutique private equity and investment fund, specializing in the provision of a wide range of financial services for the private and public sectors.

Our Vision is to provide the world’s most practical, cost-effective, and intelligent solutions for our global client base.Our primary focus is the provision of financial services including but not limited to, direct investment, debt-financing, collateralization, monetization of financial instruments, and issuance thereof. Our Peripheral range of services includes private banking solutions for high net worth individuals and organizations, global KYC investigations, verification and authentication of financial instruments, and discreet due diligence to support M&A activity. Our Client portfolio is comprised of a diverse group of structures from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

who we work with
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