• 25.01.2021

Recently, there has been an increase in fraud cases involving the use of our Bernard Group brand. We are very surprised how easily they manage to deceive quite smart people and serious organizations.

We see the reasons for not observing elementary security measures.

The Bernard Group has a solid reputation as a serious financial institution in the narrow circles of the financial market. Many TOP 100 banks know us. Fraudsters take advantage of this, use our name and offer illegal transactions to various organizations.

The desire for easy money and the thirst for enrichment turns off critical thinking in many quite reasonable people. The lack of experience and knowledge in the field of banking also plays a bad role, and even worse is the illusion of such knowledge, receiving distorted and incorrect information from various kinds of ignorant consultants, intermediaries and fraudsters.

Therefore, we recommend using the services of competent financial consultants who are familiar from the inside with banking regulations and banking work.

But first, we ask you to at least conduct an

initial check and make sure that you are dealing with the Bernard Group.

Use at least the Google search engine.

Our official website

E-mails for communication: [email protected] and [email protected].

Our official phone numbers:

+41 (44) 551 42 40

+41 (44) 551 42 43

+41 (44) 508 74 84

+41 (44) 508 74 36

Bernard Group has nothing to do with transactions:



3. 103 one way

4. 103 Two way

5. 103/202


And other similar transactions that go beyond the law.

We, as a Provider, are exclusively engaged in issuing banking financial instruments and attracting investments. We can also accompany your transactions as part of the service, check bank documents for originality and make due diligence of transactions and counterparties.


When you contact us, we first of all request the LOI and CIS of the company, the director’s passport. This is a necessity, not just our desire. We check the company to see if it is blacklisted. We do not want to send documents our company and our procedures are all in a row. Since fraudsters by all means lure such documents. They change the details (which are key, but which the client knows little about) and with this they deceive many people. This is our primary control against fraud.

Also, if you are an intermediary, consultant, lawyer, company representative – we request a power of attorney from your client, passport and proof of residence address. This is also necessary. In our practice, there were cases when intermediaries, having received documents from us, took money from clients and disappeared.

Attention – we do not accept cash! Only cashless payments on an official invoice, in accordance with the contract! This is also your protection. The laws of the EU (in particular Germany), Switzerland are very strict. In contrast to various kinds of offshore and developing countries.

Since the issue of financial instruments is associated with expenses, the client pays them to the Provider in the form of an advance. This specificity of work becomes very attractive for fraudsters who lure money, not being able to issue financial banking instruments, but imitate this possibility with various false documents.

As always, the devil is in the details, so once again we urge you to be vigilant.

1. Always write to the official mail of the company

2. Send a letter to the office of the company and check its existence

3. And most importantly, before making an advance payment, provide a connection between your bank officer and the Provider’s bank officer. This can be a connection by e-mail or by OFFICIAL phone number from the bank’s website. The best option, when the communication is two-way, the letter will be answered. And the phone has the ability to call back. But only official phones! No officers’ mobile and personal phones, which you cannot find on the bank’s website!

Also, dear clients and potential clients, we work with medium and large businesses. Our transactions start from 20,000,000 (twenty million Euros) and up.

We expect that in such a business, our clients must also meet this level. Have your own website, official e-mails, specialists in the staff of your company.

Or specialists in outsourcing.

The documents that you send us are characteristics of your company. We ask you to carefully consider the preparation of documents and provide the necessary information so that we can make you an offer in accordance with your request and correctly assess your needs.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihre Bernard Group

Mrs. Yuliia Bohdan

Head of Business Customers

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 41 (44) 551 42 43

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