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  • 14.11.2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to discuss the phenomenon of worldwide spread fake contracts from our company IPIP, IPID, DTC, FX4, MT103 202 and many other processes.

Many intermediaries receive contracts from the network, which are then further distributed to the network. In this way these contracts or drafts circle the planet several times…but is it really money to earn, or does it only cost our valuable time?

99% of all contracts sent randomly over the intermediaries or third parties are fakes – and that’s a fact!

No serious sender of real money lets his data spread like this. The reason is simple –> such transfers has to be done seriously and quietly.

Now everyone should ask himself whether a sender or receiver really wants the whole world to know their data!

So what is it about these internet fakes? Where do the contained data come from? What are the reasons and the sense of these contracts?

Let us first come to the data contained in these contracts of the alleged senders (or receivers), passports and even documents to the company –> these are mostly fished from the Internet and often even genuine, but the people know nothing about the fact that the data is used. Here then a data abuse is present, which is punishable! The contact details are mostly forged. The data of the bank officer are usually never correct.

So what is it for and to whom does it serve that these fakes are spread?

Here there are 3 main reasons.

1. someone wants to fish so the genuine data of the Receiver and sends a draft, into which the Receiver has to fill. The anglers now has the direct contact to the Receiver and bypass us with real business.

2. owners of black money or hackers would like to send money and need for it suitable accounts, which can accept very large volumes. After the transfer they contact the Receiver and asks to pass the money on their account. Here it concerns very often black money or money stolen by hackers.

3. hacker want to bring the system to succumb by sending extremely high amounts and many transfers within a few hours, so that the accounts of the receivers really explode and are then blocked. They only want to cause damage…sit at the PC and laugh themselves unconscious.

I know some cases in which company accounts really exploded on the weekend, because hackers sent crazy amounts to these accounts every 5 minutes. 

Every broker should ask himself now:

1. do I want to earn money or waste my time?

2. do I want to lose my good contacts by constantly sending fakes? The more often a mediator sends scrap, the less he / she is taken seriously, or one throws it from the network! Spreading brings you only trouble…

3. do I have the chance that such a fake ever leads to success? Clear answer –> absolutely no chance, if one strews these contracts senselessly! No real sender and receiver fills out such a contract EVER!

So what can we do?

If you get such a contract, then ask your supplier if the sender is willing to send a fresh, wet and blue signed KYC in from the official domain of the company! it is very important.Tell him that we have a real and not burned receiver, but we need to make sure that sender and money are real. If the sender or his agents refuse, 99% of it is a fake –> throw the process away and don’t discuss about it!

This is your only chance not to spend your time on fake contracts that will never earn you a cent. But they cost you a lot of time, a lot of nerves…and good contacts.

To build up a good reputation, you need many years – to destroy it, you only need seconds !

It is not the job of a broker to collect contracts on the Internet and spread them over his network within 3 minutes ! So that you will never earn money…

How can you proceed now?

I know 99% of all fake contracts on the internet. Many of them I’ve had 30, 40 or 50 times on my table (EDIL Systems, Credo Invest, Acolma, AMS Konzern Societe General S.A, and many, many, many more) – all have thwarted our universe several times.

When you get a case, ask me through our website….

We have posted very little information … Soon we will write about a new scam in great detail!


Bernard Group Security Service

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