• 25.05.2019

Regrettably not all companies and individuals operate with ethics, integrity, professionalism and respect for the law. Sadly from time to time we encounter some companies whose actions harm our business or risk harming or potentially misleading our customers. In order to hold these companies accountable for their actions and to educate our customers, we list companies and individuals that we have issued Written Warnings to below:

The reasons people fail with financial instruments:

Here are the 6 Reasons why many people lose money or waste large amounts of time in the Financial Instruments market without achieving success:

1. Price Shoppers – People are lured in by fake artificially low prices of financial instruments offered by scammers. When a scammer isn’t delivering anything real they can afford to offer you the deal of the century! Bernard Group clients will always get a bargain that will cost them a fortune.

2. Greed Freaks – People get blinded by Greed and the possibility of becoming an Instant Millionaire, so they stop thinking Rationally and Clearly. They stop being careful and start being careless which causes them to not see all the obvious warning signs that lead right to a scammers front door.

3. Speed Dating – People that have never closed a real transaction before create a complex set of financial instrument procedures and then engage 55 brokers to trawl the internet as a their speed dating service trying to find another party to match their procedure. This is the playbook of an amateur who has as much chance of winning the lottery as he does changing the whole financial instruments industry to solely work with his isolated ill-conceived procedure.

4. Free – Some fool started a false rumor 10 years ago telling people they could buy financial instruments with no cost, no upfront fees, no money needed at all. This fairytale has become so famous now thousands of people mistakenly believe it! Banks have NEVER sent multimillion dollar assets to customers for FREE and then hope the customer pays them later. This would be financial lunacy! We have offered a reward for years to ANY customer that can show us evidence they made millions from completing a no upfront fee deal. Not 1 person has ever claimed the reward! Don’t believe in fairytales.

5. Unrated Bank Trap – Most Unrated Bank Instruments are cheap because they aren’t worth the paper they are written on! Any one can buy a banking license from an offshore country for $2,000 USD and call themselves a bank. There is a reason Unrated Banks charge $25,000 USD for a 100 Million Financial Instrument! They know it’s not worth $25,000! You have to use quality financial instruments from Rated Banks.

6. Bank to Bank Ignorance – People mistakenly think Banks sell Financial Instruments, they DON’T! The Bank is a Post Office that acts on instructions from one of the Bank Account Holders to write a financial instrument against the Account Holders Bank Account and deliver it to a client. Account holders sell instruments, banks just deliver them! There are many ignorant people in the industry demanding to solely purchase a financial instrument from the bank! That will NEVER happen because the bank doesn’t sell them, they just deliver them! If you don’t deal with the Account Holder, you will NEVER buy a financial instrument.

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