• 28.08.2020

Each of you, applying for a Bank’s financial instrument, first of all, wants to get a financial result from this transaction and successfully implement your projects.

Let me give you a few tips that can help you do this!


When choosing a Provider, we recommend that you first do simple things guided by common sense and a sense of self-preservation from scammers. A lot of “fake Providers” put low prices and try in every possible way to catch greed, as a result of which the customer loses vigilance and forgets about simple security measures.

What are these security measures? Let’s start with the fastest and easiest:

A) Go to the Google search engine and enter the company name of this “Provider”. Does this Provider have its own website? How long has his domain been in existence? Does the Provider have a secure email address?

The real Provider has it all. They respect themselves and their customers, have the financial ability to maintain a good website, have a secure corporate email, and know the rules of business ethics.

B) Does the site have the first and last names of the company’s employees? Does the company have a phone number and email address? Can You reach this phone number?

All of these are matter. The real Provider always stays in touch with their client. The Provider has a Secretary and professional staff and almost always has its own lawyer.

C) Provider’s Office. This also is an important detail. In the age of the Internet and telephones, you don’t always know who is on the other side of the phone. You can’t be sure that you are communicating with employees of the company whose documents or website were provided to you. We recommend that you do spare 100-200 euros for sending a request by courier to the company’s office. This way, you will save tens or hundreds of thousands of euros. Most scammers either do not have a real office or use the details of a real company without their knowledge.

But, there are still 20% of skilled professional scammers. In this case, to be sure, we recommend consulting Bank specialists from the Department of documentary letters of credit or a Bank lawyer. So that these specialists look at the documents from the Provider and assess the competence of drafting in accordance with international banking rules.

You can also contact specialized companies to conduct due diligence of the Provider represented.

There are some costs behind this, but they are tens or hundreds of times less than your losses if you fall for the Scam.


If you have chosen our company as your Provider, congratulations! Bernard Group will cooperate with You, but we also want you to pay attention to the business ethics of doing business. We work strictly within the framework of international laws and in accordance with international banking regulations.

1. To start working with us, you submit primary documents – a LOI that specifies the financial instrument you need, its nominal value, specify if lease or purchase is your interest. When leasing a financial instrument, we also need to clarify the purpose of its use. In the LOI, you must specify the Beneficiary Bank, and also indicate the source of payment for the financial instrument (own funds, the Bank’s credit line, the monetizer, and its details).

2. To the LOI, you must attach the CIS of the company. When purchasing, you just need to provide brief information about the company. When leasing a financial instrument in order to obtain a loan for your project, please also indicate the company’s business history.

3. Send these documents to the official email address of the company and/or its employees. In this case, You can be sure of maintaining complete confidentiality of your documents. Do not neglect Vigilance.

4. Based on the review of the submitted documents, you will receive a working procedure from us. After approving all the items, you will receive the FCO from our company. ATTENTION – all documents of Bernard Group are sent ONLY from the official e-mails of THE company.

5. Only after you sign the FCO, we will send you the contract with the full company data. A self-respecting Provider, does not send out their contracts and details immediately to everyone who applies. Since we know what the Internet means and how many unscrupulous scammers are trying to get hold of professionally created contracts, our company’s data, in order to further deceive honest businessmen.

6. After signing the contract on both sides (with an individual Transaction Code), the contracts must be registered in the Bank of the Beneficiary and the Provider, with the mandatory registration number and seals of the banks. From this point on, Bank officers have the right to make a call to each other (if necessary) or write a message by Bank email.

PLEASE NOTE: Calls from clients, intermediaries, monetizers, their lawyers and others to Deutsche Bank are not ALLOWED! This is a violation of business ethics and it’s a useless activity. No Bank provides information about customer accounts when someone calls. If you want to check our account, you must get a BCL and an ATV from us and your Bank officer can check the account in accordance with these documents by calling our Bank officer at the official Deutsche Bank phone numbers.

Please you should also note that our company gives its clients the right to first check our ability to issue a financial instrument through its banking officer before you pay the costs associated with the issue of a financial banking instrument. Therefore, when working with us, you are not exposed to any risks.

We value our reputation. Therefore, we are ready to pay 100 thousand euros to anyone who can prove that Bernard Group has not fulfilled its obligations to at least one client.

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